DDA Machine Technology

Lean, Simplification of Design, Reliability and Maintainability, Reduced Equipment Costs, and Improved Uptime and Throughput are all of the concepts which dictates how corporations do business today.

Simplicity with smarts. Our Distributed Device Architecture (DDA), created and perfected by our parent company, Automatic Feed, removes control devices from traditional enclosures and distributes them throughout your coil processing equipment. The result? A significant reduction in material and labor costs. And, improved reliability through reduction of potential failure points.

The DDA control configuration locates industrial controls and hardware devices onto HPT's DDA stands alongside our machines. All the units are standardized control neutral sub-systems - based on our Device Neutral™ architecture - so DDA stands function as modular plug and play devices.

DDA is part of our SMART (Standardization & Modularization Resource Team) initiative. SMART systems are segmented into standard, stand-alone sub-systems in which choosing motors, cylinders, valve or other machine components is reduced to interchangeable commodities. This helps you specify components at a lower cost and with minimal impact on the overall process.

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